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Televendas: +55 35 3621-5699

About Us

The Art Pure Digital was created in 2009 from exemplary success stories ...

We started our activities in the optimization and customization of virtual stores. We expand offering hosting service and domain registration to serve our customers more fully, that is to say we offer since the development of the site, we host and register the domain. We offer technical support via ticket or telephone.
After years of experience in the implementation and application of the e-commerce platform, Pure Digital Art has felt the need for a specialized e-commerce operations and sites in order to meet the needs of its customers, and complement the excellent application of the e-commerce platform.
From this remarkable need of our customers, the Pure Art Digital Commerce Personalization & Optimization was created.


This project aims to provide technology and operational e-commerce intelligence suitable for the entry of new brands in the virtual market, with total flexibility to adapt to any type of segment.


Our solution introduces a standard in its operational and strategic procedures, optimizing and reducing the costs of its activities, focusing on processes, the Commerce system, allows your team to maintain total concentration, thus maintaining greater productivity, and a focus focused only on e-commerce strategy.