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Televendas: +55 35 3621-5699

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Please read our Terms & Conditions carefully, if you agree, buy from us and improve your online store, websites or our graphic services.

Security & Reliability

Our server uses strict encryption, which protects your data, hosts our site in one of the most reliable hosting companies, backs up our data, tests our system and deals with the best forms of security, to have a secure store.

All your data is secure in our database and your password is encrypted, and only you have access to it.

Data like Credit Card?
They are not stored on our server. Whoever deals with this data is the Pagseguro, Mercado Pago and Paypal that has a secure and encrypted server, are experts in online payments, so you can rest assured that your data is safe.

Domain Permit (Some modules or system there is no restriction)

License for 1 domain
Note: The license is valid for use in your store (s) or its customer, any form of sharing of the module for third parties is prohibited, losing the right to use the modification and any purchase or service on that site.

The licenses are valid for the following uses:

Own use or for the customer in an end product
It may not be shared or sold, except in conjunction with the final Product for your customer and respecting the domain license

Do I Need to Inform Domains?
Yes, you can inform later that you buy, only informing the domain that the Product will be used, you will have access to the Support and some modules will only work in the informed domain.

How do I report the domain?
At the time of purchase, there is an option for the customer to enter their domain. It can also be requested later depending on the system purchased.

Is it possible to change the domain informed?
No, after being informed of a domain it can not be further modified and support will only be made for registered domains and within the term of the license. It will only be changed by our team in case of errors.

Support & Updates

Note: For customers who also purchase our hosting plan, the support is for the contract time of the same.

Upgrades are upgrades to purchased Products to add enhancements or patches.

Deadlines for Updates and Support

Multiple Downloads of the Products purchased may be made, respecting the purchased domain license.
License for 1 domain, Updates can be made, ie Downloads of the Products and ask for support in case of any problem with the Product within 1 year. If the deadline has expired.
The product can continue to be used normally, respecting the license per domain, the term is to receive updates and support.

Payment methods

What forms of payment do you accept?

Direct credit card, we also work with PayPal Intermediary, Pagseguro, MercadoPago that accepts Credit Card Payments
Boleto bancário: Print and pay at the nearest bank, or enter the bar code in your internet banking.
Bradesco Bank Transfer: pay online through internet banking or cash.

Are the intermediaries safe?
Yes, their servers use encryption, and all their data is secure and encrypted. We do not transmit your card data to us, we only deal with your personal data, which is also secure on our server, as we use password with encryption, digital certificate and other means of security.

And the deadline to confirm the payment?
It depends on the form of payment.
Payment with Credit Card in general is faster and may take a few minutes or hours.
The other modes can take the same time as the Bank Transfer, depending on the time the payment is made, normally payments as a ticket 2 working days and the rest of them between a maximum of 24 hours or less if there are no paperwork.


We do not work with Returns because we sell Digital services and Digital services, therefore, we inform all the details of the service, compatibility and we guarantee the Operation of the products according to the compatibility described in the Product. In case of problems, please contact us.

The return is only taken in the case of the correct malfunction of a licensed product or systems; after your support counts on the cooperation of the client or in the case of applications canceled by our team due to the disregard of our terms and our cancellation policy.
Returns can take up to 7 business days to be made after the information requested by our team, and in some cases the buyer's bank details are necessary, in which, without such ordering data made by Boleto or Bank Transfer, it will not be possible return.

Cancellation Policy or Services

We have complete freedom to cancel any service or request made on our site.
We are totally against injuries, slander, lack of education and