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Miscellaneous Modules

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Custom Account panel


The Custom Account Dashboard module helps your stores look modern. Most of Opencart. however, this extension helps you overcome this problem. information on the My Account Page.Fully manageable from ✯ administrator✯ the user profile of the Image user..

Atendimento Whatsapp


  Tenha agora mesmo: WhatsApp em sua loja virtual Ao visitar sua loja o usuário, ao clicar em um botão adiciona seu número do WhatsApp e já começa a conversar com você imediatamente Isso é útil especialmente quando você tem uma loja virtual, ..

Buy Together


The Buy Together module is a must for anyone who enjoys cross-selling. There is no one who can resist your offer of a product package. Everybody did it. Up to 5 books and a DVD.The module will allow you to select products and pack them with a package..

CKEditor 2+ (4.7.1)

CKEditor 2+ (4.7.1)


CKEditor is a ready-to-use HTML text editor designed to simplify the creation of web content. This is the WYSIWYG editor, which provides general word processor functions directly on your web pages. Improve the effectiveness of your site. Easy-to-u..

Módule Popup Cart 2.x


Popup-basket module in Opencart 2. Popap window appears after you add goods to the cart or by clicking the basket in the site header.Popup-basket module in Opencart 2. Popap window appears after you add goods to the cart or by clicking the basket in ..

Showing 1 to 5 of 5 (1 Pages)